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In Austria, more than 1,000 running events are held each year, many of which are run over the 10-kilometer distance.

The ten-kilometer distance is highly sought-after in popular races. After all, almost every healthy person can run this distance without much training. In addition, the ten kilometers offer an ideal form test for half marathon training or marathon training.

The good thing about a 10-kilometer run: Long-term and targeted training, such as for a marathon, is not absolutely necessary for it. You can also do a ten-kilometer race in between and at short notice. Fortunately, you have a large selection of runs. Almost every weekend in Austria there is a popular race over this distance. Many half marathons or marathons also have a run over this distance in their program.

The biggest 10-kilometer runs in Austria

Since most running events are not pure 10-kilometer races, a selection of the biggest tens in the country is very complicated. At many events, the 10K run is one event out of many. For example, some big city marathons also have a 10-kilometer race as a supporting event. For example, there is the Vienna10K, which since 2017 has been held the day before the Vienna City Marathon and runs through the main avenue of the Prater in Vienna. The Salzburg Marathon also has a ten-kilometer race as a fringe event.

Fast city runs

Ideal for fast times is the Innsbruck city run, which has been held in the Tyrolean capital since 1985. The run leads through downtown Innsbruck and past many sights. Best times are quite possible here. The same is true for the Mödlinger Altstadtlauf, which is held towards the end of the year. On this course you can also experience the city center in a sportive way and possibly finish the running year with a best time. You also have this opportunity on the last day of the year at the Grazer Silvesterlauf. Also in Advent, you can set a personal best at the Klosterneuburger Stadtlauf.

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Women among themselves

Women are among themselves at the Austrian Women's Run in Vienna and the Bodensee Women's Run in Bregenz. At both events you can choose between a start over the 5 kilometers or over the 10 kilometers. The race takes place in spring.

Enjoy the panorama

As part of the 27-kilometer Wolfgangsee Run, less enduring athletes can also run the ten-kilometer distance. Here you move almost the entire time at the edge of the Wolfgangsee. You can be sure of a magnificent panorama during this beautiful autumn run.

In the northeast of the country, on the other hand, the Ruppersthaler Weintraubenlauf invites you to a beautiful ten in nature in the summer. In autumn this applies to the Feistritztallauf. By the way, you will definitely not run a best time in Graz if you participate in the E-Grazathlon. There you will have to overcome a number of natural and artificial obstacles on the ten-kilometer course. The climb to the Schlossberg is also part of the exciting and challenging course through the city. It's a similar story at the Wildsau Dirt Runs, which are held in several Austrian states. There you also have several obstacles on the main course, which provide an additional challenge, but also additional fun.

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All 10 km Races in Austria

10 km runs 2022 in Austria: Top-Events

Vienna 10K

Icon Date | 17:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Wien
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km / 2 km

Leobersdorfer Fortuna Brückenlauf

Icon Date | 10:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Leobersdorf
Icon Competitions 10 km / 1,85 km / 0,4 km

Stadtlauf Innsbruck

Icon Date | 16:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Innsbruck
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km

Salzburg Marathon

Icon Date | 09:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Salzburg
Icon Competitions 42,2 km / 21,1 km / 10 km

Bodensee Frauenlauf

Icon Date | 16:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Bregenz
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km

Österreichischer Frauenlauf ®

Icon Date | 09:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Wien
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km


Icon Date | 23:59 Uhr
Icon Venue Maria Alm
Icon Competitions 85,3 km (5.160 Hm) / 49,8 km (3.070 Hm) / 31,6 km (2.685 Hm) / 21,7 km (1.277 Hm) / 9,3 km (300 Hm)

mozart 100 – Salzburg Ultra Trail

Icon Date | 05:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Salzburg
Icon Competitions 108 km (5.000 Hm) / 78 km (4.000 Hm) / 42 km (1.800 Hm) / 31 km (1.200 Hm) / 21 km (950 Hm) / 9 km (300 Hm)


Icon Date | 10:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Pertisau
Icon Competitions 23,2 km / 10 km

Wolfgangseelauf – Salzkammergut Marathon

Icon Date | 10:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Sankt Wolfgang im Salzkammergut
Icon Competitions 42,2 km / 27 km / 10 km / 5,2 km

VCM Winterlaufserie - Santa Run

Icon Date | 10:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Wien
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km

Grazer Silvesterlauf

Icon Date | 14:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Graz
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km / 0,4 km

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