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The Rotterdam Marathon is one of the ten fastest marathons in the world.

Because only two years ago, Kenyan Marius Kipserem managed to improve the course record to 2:04:11 hours. Such a time would have even been a world record a few years ago. In the women's race, the nine-year-old course record of Ethiopian Tiki Gelana of 2:18:58 hours is also world-class.

40th edition

On October 24, 2021, the Rotterdam Marathon celebrated a big anniversary. For the 40th time the marathon was held in the Dutch city center. Actually, this premiere was supposed to take place one and a half years ago on April 5, 2020. At that time, however, the marathon had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Now, however, nothing stood in the way of the anniversary. Participation was possible this year without any restrictions. Even nonsensical rules, such as in Germany (2G, 3G, etc.) fortunately do not exist in the Netherlands, so no runners were excluded.

Attack on European record

The starting signal was given at 10 o'clock in the morning. Around 8,000 male and female marathon runners were on the starting line, including, of course, a number of top runners from Africa.

In the men's race, however, the focus was on the Belgian Bashir Abdi. Because the Belgian wanted to attack the two-year-old European record of the Turk Kaan Kigen Özbilen, who ran a time of 2:04:16 hours in 2019.

European record and course record

Bashir Abdi fully lived up to his expectations. With 2:03:36 hours he improved the continental record by 40 seconds. The 32-year-old also significantly improved the previous course record of Marius Kipserem (2:04:11 hours). The latter had to settle for second place today after 2:04:04 hours. Dawit Wolde also stayed under 2:05 hours with 2:04:26 hours. Abdi's time was also the fastest marathon performance in the Netherlands, after Tamirat Tola set a new record of 2:03:39 hours at the Amsterdam Marathon just a week ago.

Stella Barsosio triumphed in the women's race. The runner from Kenya had a lead of more than eight minutes over Nataliya Lehonkova from Ukraine after 2:22:08 hours.

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Results Rotterdam Marathon 2021 ➤ Women

1 Stella Barsosio 02:22:08
2 Nataliya Lehonkova 02:30:28
3 Bornes Kitur 02:30:41
4 Clara Evans 02:31:21
5 Tirza Van Der Wolf 02:34:52
6 Runa Skrove Falch 02:34:57
7 Emilie Jacquot-Claude 02:39:56
8 Marijke Visser 02:40:47
9 Anne Årrestad 02:49:45
10 Marlene De Boer 02:50:27
11 Kerry Prise 02:51:12
12 Monica Haydock 02:51:34
13 Yvonne Van Vlerken 02:54:14
14 Pauline Van Donkelaar 02:54:17
15 Sanne Broeksma 02:55:17

Results Rotterdam Marathon 2021 ➤ Men

1 Abdi Bashir 02:03:36
2 Marius Kipserem 02:04:04
3 Dawit Wolde 02:04:27
4 Titus Kipruto 02:05:22
5 Emmanuel Saina 02:05:51
6 Kebede Wami Tulu 02:06:27
7 Limenih Getachew Yizengaw 02:08:56
8 Abdellah Taghrafet 02:09:40
9 Solomon Deksisa 02:10:32
10 John Langat 02:10:43
11 Johannes Motschmann 02:12:18
12 Worku Dires Chekol 02:13:13
13 Reece Edwards 02:13:23
14 Mumin Gala 02:16:09
15 Firew Bazie Tsega 02:16:30

All results and pictures from the Rotterdam Marathon

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