Venice Marathon 2021
The start of the Venice Marathon, photo organizer
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After the Venice Marathon could only take place virtually last year, there was finally a local edition directly on site again on October 24, 2021.

The city, which is usually visited by many tourists throughout the year, today welcomed thousands of marathon runners.

Marathon through Venice

In previous years, the Venice Marathon came to more than 5,000 marathon participants. This makes Venice one of the largest marathon cities in Italy. The route took the runners through the most beautiful parts of the city. Among other things, they ran past St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the Grand Canal.

The last winners

The course is not only beautiful, but also fast. Thus, the course records are a good 2:08:13 hours (John Komen - 2009) and 2:23:37 hours (Helena Kiprop - 2011). In the last edition two years ago, Kenyan Anbesa Lencho Tesfaye was not far from the course record with 2:10:49 hours. Also in the women's race the defending champion came from Kenya with Judith Korir (2:29:21 hours).

Home victory

In the men's race this year, Saitoti Anderson Seroi led a trio of Kenyan victories with 2:12:21 hours. Marco Salami Najibe, the best Italian, followed in 4th place (2:14:57 hours). Sofiia Yaremchuk, however, caused great jubilation, securing an Italian home victory after 2:29:12 hours. Second place went to Marion Jepkonga Kibor from Kenya.

Results Venice Marathon 2021 - Men

  1. Anderson Saitoti Seroi (KEN) - 2:12:21 h
  2. Justus Kipkogei Kangogo (KEN) - 2:13:34 h
  3. Gilbert Chumba Kipleting (KEN) - 2:13:55 h
  4. Marco Salami Najibe (ITA) 2:14:57 h
  5. Edgrado Confessa (ITA) - 2:32:55 h

Results Venice Marathon 2021 - Women

  1. Sofiia Yaremchuk (ITA) - 2:29:12 h
  2. Marion Jepkonga Kibor (KEN) - 2:31:17 h
  3. Ifa Geletu Megertu (ETH) - 2:33:50 h
  4. Lenah Jerotich (KEN) - 2:43:26 h
  5. Anna Zilio (ITA) - 2:57:28 h

All results and pictures of the Venice Marathon

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