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Start of the 1st Anti Corona Run!

With the flood of competition cancellations we start the first virtual Anti Corona Run with 10 different competitions - from the mile to the marathon.

Everybody can participate! Our competition is not bound by time or place. You can run anywhere and anytime - but please run alone!


How does the Anti Corona Run work?

It's very simple:

  1. You complete a run over one of the competition distances. Important: The run should be tracked by GPS (using a running clock or app), i.e. distance and time must be measured.
  2. Then go to this page and fill out the form with your performance under "Enter your result".

That's it! Your performance is already in the results of the Anti Corona Run.

Walking and Nordic Walking is also allowed.

When does the Anti Corona Run take place?

In the period from 26 March 2020 to 31 May 2020 - any time around the clock. That means you can run your competition whenever and of course wherever you want.

What competitions are there?

  • Marathon
  • 25K
  • Half Marathon
  • 15K
  • 10K
  • 5K
  • 3K
  • 1 Mile
  • Walking / Nordic-Walking
  • Milage Collector

Of course there is no time limit for the individual competitions.

Can I participate in more than one competition?

Yes, you can take part in all competitions and that several times. If you improve your previous best performance over the 10 kilometres during the competition period, you can enter your new performance again.

Is the participation free of charge?

Yes, and as a bonus we will even give you your personal certificate. You can download it directly from the results.

How do I enter my result?

Under the menu item "Enter your results". The process is very easy and probably takes less than a minute.

Where do I find the results?

To the Results

Do I have to observe any other rules?

  • Run / Walk alone. Sport is especially important in times of the Corona pandemic, but we must not neglect the restrictions currently in force. Please do not run with a group.
  • Please be honest and only enter achievements in the results that you have actually performed. Cheating is not okay. You can post a proof of your performance in our Facebook group "Virtual Run Challenge".

Do I have to run exactly the given distance?

No shorter distance is allowed. So if you want to be included in the 5K ranking, your run must be at least 5.00 kilometers long. For example, if your running distance is 5.70 kilometres, you can use your intermediate time after 5.00 kilometres.

However, only one distance per run may be scored for the Anti Corona Run. If you run e.g. 10 kilometers, you can only score it for 10 kilometers and not "additionally" for shorter distances. Since the Anti Corona Run takes several months, you have enough time to complete all competitions successfully anyway.

What is there to win?

Every runner will receive his or her personal certificate. You can download it directly from our results.

Additionally we have made a medal, which you can order: To the shop

I like the Anti Corona Run! How can I support you?

The Anti Corona Run and the Virtual Run Challenge have been developed by HDsports so that the runners do not lose motivation to be active on a regular basis, even in these difficult times. If we were able to motivate you to be more active, we are very happy and it shows that we were able to reach our goal with this campaign.

Unfortunately, HDsports is also affected economically by the Corona epidemic. Our sources of income (support of events and creation of training plans) have come to an almost complete standstill due to the corona virus. However, the amount of work has even increased in some cases. For example, we have to update hundreds of events daily in our running calendar (over 10,000 events) because they were cancelled or postponed due to the corona virus. Additional costs (programming & licenses) were also incurred in the development of the new running challenges.

The following possibilities exist to support us, from which even you can profit:

  • Order the eBook: "The big runbook of training plans" with over 50 training plans for all performance classes and running distances: To the eBook
  • Order a medal for the Anti Corona Run: To the shop
  • Become an official HDsports-Supporter with a small contribution

Will there be a 2nd Anti Corona Run?

Yes, shortly after the end of the 1st Anti Corona Run we will start the "Summer Edition. All details here: 2nd Anti Corona Run

Any other questions?

If you have further questions, you are welcome to post them here by comment or send an email to office[AT]

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