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An overview of 10 km running events in Switzerland.

The dates for all 10k races in Switzerland, including registration, results and other details.

Want to set a personal best over the 10 kilometers?

In our overview you will find all road races in Switzerland where you can complete the ten kilometer distance.

There are about 100 running events in Switzerland with such a distance in the competition program. In contrast to marathons or half marathons, the ten-kilometer race is a fringe event at many running events. That is, within the framework of the running event, among other things, a 10-kilometer race is held, but also some other competitive distances.

The biggest 10-kilometer races in Switzerland

Since there are only a few events in Switzerland, where exclusively over the ten kilometers is run, a selection in large events is not possible. Nevertheless, we present you some runs that you should not miss.

A great highlight in the Bernese canton is the Städtlilauf in Wangen, which has been held since 2015. Here you run through the picturesque town of Wangen, cheered on by many spectators. On the varied and versatile course, best times are quite possible. The race takes place every year in June.

We can also highly recommend the Walliseller Obiglauf in spring. At this event in the canton of Zurich, the starting signal is given at dusk in the dark. Here the fun is in the foreground. You will be accompanied by disco bicycles, on which music will be played and lights will illuminate the course.

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Enjoy the nature

Switzerland is known for its incredibly many impressively beautiful landscape runs. Many of them run over the half marathon distance, but also have a 10-kilometer run in their program. One of them is the Auffahrtslauf in St. Gallen, where you not only run through the city center, but also along the idyllic Grübsensee.

But also in Zurich you can run along the lake, such as the Greifenseelauf, where not only a half marathon is held, in which even international top athletes participate, but also a 10km run. Since all good things are known to be 3, we have a third tip of the beautiful panoramic runs in our repertoire. Here you may travel to Beinwil in the canton of Aargau, where the Hallwilerseelauf is held. More than 6,000 runners take part in this autumn classic every year.

But we even have a fourth great lake run among our tips. The Switzerland Marathon light in the canton of Obwalden is a must. The 21.1-kilometer half marathon runs along the shores of Lake Sarnen. But you also get to see the lake during the 10-kilometer run.


Right through the city

The SwissCityMarathon Lucerne has long since established itself as one of the biggest and best-known running events in Switzerland. The marathon and half marathon start in Lucerne. The 10-kilometer participants compete in Horw. With almost 2,000 starters over this distance, the field of participants is more than respectable.

Running 10 kilometers together

Of course, women's races have long been in in Switzerland as well. Women's races are usually contested over 10 km and 5 km. This is also the case at the Swiss Women's Run in Bern and the Basel Women's Run. At the Basel Women's Run you can jog through the beautiful city center of Basel in spring. The course leads across the city, but also along the banks of the Rhine. Almost 3,000 female runners take advantage of the opportunity to explore the city on foot every year.

To the overview of all 10km runs in Switzerland:

10 km runs 2023 in Switzerland: Top-Events


Date of the race | 10:53 Uhr
Location of the race Kerzers
Distance of the race 15 km (223 Hm) / 10 km (130 Hm) / 5 km (85 Hm) / 1,4 km / 0,3 km

Zürich Marathon

Date of the race | 08:15 Uhr
Location of the race Zürich
Distance of the race 42,195 km / 21,1 km / 10 km

All 10 km Races in Switzerland

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