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In Switzerland, a little more than 20 obstacle runs are held each year.

In such runs, which are also often referred to as Obstacle Runs, Mud Runs or Dirt Runs, the runners not only run along a course, but also encounter artificial and natural obstacles along the way that have to be overcome by the participants.

These can be, for example, mud pits or high walls that must be overcome on the way to the finish. Most of these runs consist of about 15 - 20 obstacles. The course lengths go from about 5 km to 20 km.

What obstacle courses are there in Switzerland?

There is even a series of obstacle runs in Switzerland - namely the Spartacus Run, which takes place five times a year in Swiss cities such as Bern, Zurich or Lausanne. The course length varies from 6 to 10 km. There are 20 obstacles set up along the course.

The international Fisherman's Friends StrongmanRun series also makes two stops in Switzerland, including Engelberg in the summer. With around 8,000 starters, this event is currently the largest obstacle race in Switzerland. No fewer than 46 obstacles await on the 18 km-long course, which leads through mud and woods. The often colorfully dressed runners also provide a good atmosphere. Engelberg is an absolute fixed date for the dirt runner.

The Survival Run in Thun is also a much sought-after race. The 3,500 registered runners gather on the armored track of Thun for a unique mud run on a course length of 18 km or 9 km. The women are completely among themselves at the Muddy Angel Run in Zurich. The international running series offers 5 km women's runs throughout Europe that lead through mud and dirt. In Switzerland, this popular series takes place in Zurich.

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Obstacle Races 2022 in Switzerland: Top-Events

X-Warrior - Arosa

Icon Date | 12:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Arosa
Icon Competitions 16,4 km (36 Hindernisse) / 7,6 km (28 Hindernisse)

Sissacher Team Challange

Icon Date | 17:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Sissach
Icon Competitions 45 Minuten und 90 Minuten Laufzeit


Icon Date | 12:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Baden
Icon Competitions 10 km / 5 km

Tablar Run

Icon Date | 11:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Plan-les-Ouates
Icon Competitions 7 km / 3,5 km

Mud Day Swiss - Aigle

Icon Date |
Icon Venue Aigle
Icon Competitions 13 km (22 Hindernisse)

Spartacus Run Sursee

Icon Date | 12:15 Uhr
Icon Venue Oberkirch
Icon Competitions 6 - 10 km (20 Hindernisse)

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