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After the break last year, marathons were finally run again in Eindhoven.

Along with the marathons in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Enschede, the "Marathon Eindhoven" is one of the best known and largest marathons in the Netherlands.

Unrestricted participation in the Eindhoven Marathon

Since 1990, the Eindhoven Marathon has been held annually without interruption until 2020, when the pandemic put a stop to the event. On October 10, 2021, the marathon made its comeback. Fortunately, unlike other countries such as Austria or Germany, there are no absurd rules in the Netherlands that currently allow only people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered to participate in running events. At the Marathon Eindhoven, everyone was allowed to participate and without any conditions at all.

Half marathon race with largest number of participants

Every year, the event attracts more than 20,000 participants, although the marathon, with around 2,000 starters, is not the event's main draw. This is because the half marathon race is much more crowded with over 7,000 athletes.

2 days of great running program

The sportive weekend was already opened on Saturday with the Progging Run, the walking competitions over 18 km and 12 km as well as the Marathon Challenge.

On Sunday at 9:30 a.m. the second sports day started with the Mini Marathon. 15 minutes later followed the AON City Run over 5 km and finally at 10 o'clock the starting signal for the Marathon. Shortly thereafter, the participants of the 10-kilometer event were also allowed to start their race. At 14:00 o'clock the half marathon runners had to wait. The marathon started in Mathildelaan, the half marathon in Montgomerylaan.

Fast marathon course in Eindhoven

The course has potential for best times, as the course records of 2:05:46 hours (2012 by Kenyan Dickson Kiptolo Chumba) and 2:24:33 hours (2011 by Kenyan Georgina Rono) prove. In the last edition two years ago, athletes from Kenya were also successful in Eindhoven with Laban Mutai (2:06:49 hours) and Betty Chepleting (2:28.43 hours).

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Silas Too was close to the course record this year. The Kenyan stayed with 2:06:32 hours, as well as his compatriot Martin Kosgey under 2:07 hours. The top 4 were all from Kenya. Bregje Smits from Eindhoven won the women's marathon with a time of 2:48:08 hours.

Results Marathon Eindhoven 2021 - Men

1. Silas Too KEN 02:06:32
2. Martin Kosgey KEN 02:06:56
3. Timothy Kiplagat Ronoh KEN 02:07:01
4. Simon Kipkosgei KEN 02:07:07
5. Shumay Solomon Mogos ERI 02:07:10
6. Alfred Koech 02:09:01
7. Bethwel Kibet Chumba 02:09:57
8. Meseret Aragaw Yitbarek 02:14:39
9. Kristof Nackaerts 02:28:16
10. Michael Beuwer Eindhoven 02:29:49
11. Bert Mensaert Wilsele 02:29:55
12. Ben Vriends 02:32:01
13. Luuk Janssen Maastricht 02:32:28
14. Johan van der Dennen Eindhoven 02:34:50
15. Pierre-Henri Vanderbecq Ecaussinnes 02:35:52

Results Marathon Eindhoven 2021 - Women

1. Bregje Smits Eindhoven 02:48:08
2. Wendy Lenaert Mol 02:59:08
3. Marieke van der Vegt Nijverdal 03:02:49
4. Christelle Lemaire Steenokkerzeel 03:03:04
5. Eefje Ottevanger Eindhoven 03:11:13
6. Thu Hien Nguyen Arnhem 03:13:35
7. An Ravestijn Brasschaat 03:13:43
8. Sandra Wassink Winterswijk Meddo 03:18:43
9. Jolien Vandersmissen paal 03:19:35
10. Chantal van Oudheusden Breda 03:19:40
11. Danielle Koerhuis Raalte 03:20:43
12. Tamara Guelen Berghem 03:21:23
13. Rosanne Vanpee Herent 03:22:36
14. Alien Vanhee Lievegem 03:23:22
15. Esther Meijsen Hasselt 03:23:52


All results and pictures of the Marathon Eindhoven

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