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Almost two years have passed since Brigid Kosgei's spectacular world record run at the Chicago Marathon.

After the marathon had to be cancelled last year, Chicago was allowed to celebrate a marathon comeback on October 10, 2021

The course at the Chicago Marathon

The starting signal for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2021 was given at Grant Park at 7:30 a.m. The course led through downtown Chicago, among other places. Beautiful highlights of the course included the Chicago River, Lincoln Park, the United Center, the University of Illinois, Littly Chicago, Michigan Avenue and Museum Park. The finish line was back at Grant Park after 42.195 kilometers

Historical review

Chicago marathons have been run since 1977 before Brigid Kosgei provided the highlight in the 40-plus year history of the Chicago marathon in 2019. With 2:14:04 hours, the runner from Kenya pulverized the previous marathon world record of Britain's Paula Radcliffe by an incredible 81 seconds. The Olympic silver medalist from Japan also won the 2018 Chicago Marathon and had finished second behind Tirunesh Dibaba in 2017. In the men's race, Dennis Kimetto has held the course record in the "Windy City" since 2013 with an equally impressive 2:03:45. Two years ago, the Kenyan Cherono Lawrence triumphed with 2:05:45 hours, after in 2018 still the Brit Mo Farah provided for a European triumph.

Stars from Kenya

With Dickson Chumba, the winner from 2015 was at the start of this year's Chicago Marathon. Japan's record holder Kengo Suzuki and Ethiopian Chalu Deso were also among the favorites for a top spot. The clear favorite, however, was Reuben Kipyego, who ran 2:03:55 in Milan in May. Local hero Galen Rupp and Kenyan Eric Kiptanui, who is one of the fastest half marathon runners in the world, also had outside chances.

Top favorite in the women's race was reigning marathon world champion and half marathon world record holder Ruth Chepngetich. The Kenyan had pulled out of the marathon distance race early at the Olympic Games in August and was now looking to improve on her personal best of 2:17:08 in Chicago.


Also in the spotlight was Sarah Hall, who wanted to attack the US record of Deena Kastor (2:19:36 hours). Kenya's Vivian Kiplagat, who has won six of her seven marathon races since 2018, was also a favorite.

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US athletes in 2nd place

Great times were absent this year. In the men's race, Seifu Tura Abdiwak was the man of the day. The Ethiopian tried to break away from the lead early in the race but was caught up again. After 35 kilometers, Abdiwak, Kenyan Eric Kiptanui and Galen Rupp formed the leading group. However, Abdiwak had the best reserves and crossed the finish line first after 2:06:12 hours. Just 23 seconds behind, Galen Rupp followed in second place with 2:06:35 hours, ahead of Kiptanui (2:06:51 hours). In total, only five athletes stayed under 2:10 hours.

In the women's race, top favorite Ruth Chepngetich was not far from the world record until halfway through the race. After 1:07:34 hours over the half marathon distance, however, the Kenyan had to pay tribute to her high initial pace on the second half of the course. With 2:22:31 hours she could still win the race. Emma Bates surprised in second place after a great race to catch up. She was almost five minutes behind first place at the halfway mark and more than three minutes behind second place, but Bates completed the second half of the race faster than the first half of the marathon and finished in a commanding 2:24:20 hours to take second place. Also following behind Bates were two U.S. athletes, Sara Hall (2:27:19 hours) and Keira D'Amato (2:28:22 hours).

One of the biggest marathons in the world

Incidentally, the Chicago Marathon is not only one of the fastest marathons in the world, but also one of the biggest. After all, around 45,000 successfully complete the race over the 42.195 kilometers every year.

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Results Chicago Marathon 2021- Men

1. Tura Abdiwak Seifu ETH 2:06:12
2. Rupp Galen USA 2:06:35
3. Kiptanui Eric KEN 2:06:51
4. Suzuki Kengo JPN 2:08:50
5. Tamru Aredo Shifera ETH 2:09:39
6. Mickow Colin USA 2:13:31
7. Montanez Nico USA 2:13:55
8. Kipyego Reuben Kiprop KEN 2:14:24
9. Fischer Reed USA 2:14:41
10. Given Wilkerson USA 2:14:55
11. Panning Zachery USA 2:15:04
12. Thomson Jacob USA 2:15:49
13. Young Clayton USA 2:16:07
14. Wiley Turner USA 2:16:51
15. Derrick Chris USA 2:18:02
16. Izewski Josh USA 2:18:49
17. Butler Ian USA 2:20:01
18. Phillips Jonathan USA 2:20:11
19. Havel Kevin USA 2:20:40
20. Sayenko Mike USA 2:22:15
21. Schneiderman Benjamin USA 2:22:55
22. Jermann Tyler USA 2:23:21
23. Neff Calum CAN 2:23:47
24. Ammons Mitchell USA 2:23:56
25. Beavin Zack USA 2:24:29
26. O'Gara David USA 2:24:35
27. Medina Oscar USA 2:24:46
28. Lustgarten Brett USA 2:24:53
29. Deso Chalu ETH 2:24:56
30. Remillard Charles USA 2:25:05
31. La Mere Ian USA 2:25:09
32. Diltz Alexander USA 2:25:38
33. Kendell Ben USA 2:25:40
34. Hensley Matt USA 2:26:10
35. Abdi Abdisamed USA 2:26:54
36. Parks Jason USA 2:27:13
37. Olberding Scott USA 2:27:17
38. Fyock Chris USA 2:27:53
39. Binzak Johnny USA 2:28:08
40. Ashe Eric USA 2:28:18
41. Chow Hon Nip Hanniel HKG 2:28:34
42. Roeser Kurt USA 2:28:35
43. Weisenberger Curtis USA 2:28:45
44. Ross Nick USA 2:28:56
45. Fanta Gizachew ISR 2:29:15
46. Craighead Daniel USA 2:29:21
47. Martinez Juan COL 2:29:57
48. Cowlin Joe USA 2:30:12
49. Williams Nathanael USA 2:30:13
50. Ornelas Zachary USA 2:30:27
51. McRae Audie USA 2:31:18
52. Sedbrook Cody USA 2:31:29
53. Hillard Matthew USA 2:31:30
54. Liddell John USA 2:31:34
55. Melly David USA 2:31:43
56. Tropf Jordan USA 2:31:54
57. Goldberg Alex USA 2:32:01
58. Hernandez Escalona Ismain MEX 2:32:24
59. Cerda Vazquez Angel MEX 2:32:26
60. Dewald Matt USA 2:32:36
61. Falcon Peter USA 2:32:43
62. Landry Francois CAN 2:32:45
63. Miller Zach USA 2:32:55
64. Clevenger Stephen USA 2:33:19
65. Ash Alan USA 2:33:26
66. Perez Sandi Garcia Eduardo MEX 2:33:27
67. Schroy Brian USA 2:33:46
68. Kolosso Seth USA 2:33:48
69. Mogen Walker USA 2:34:22
70. Lindquist Jackson USA 2:34:24
71. Nierman Robby USA 2:34:26
72. Lindquist Bryan USA 2:34:33
73. Hurley Brian USA 2:34:37
74. Zahara Michael CAN 2:34:39
75. Castellani Michael USA 2:34:44
76. Smith Kent USA 2:35:01
77. Johnsrud Derek USA 2:35:13
78. Baden Josh USA 2:35:23
79. Drew Micah USA 2:35:31
80. Janssen Henry USA 2:36:04

Results Chicago Marathon 2021 - Women

1. Chepngetich Ruth KEN 2:22:31
2. Bates Emma USA 2:24:20
3. Hall Sara USA 2:27:19
4. D'Amato Keira USA 2:28:22
5. Kiplagat Vivian Jerono KEN 2:29:14
6. Edwards Rosie GBR 2:30:17
7. Krifchin Maegan USA 2:30:17
8. Verdon Carrie USA 2:31:51
9. Pagano Sarah USA 2:33:11
10. Belete Tola Meseret ETH 2:33:14
11. Flanagan Lindsay USA 2:33:20
12. Nukuri Diane USA 2:34:25
13. Ocampo Daiana ARG 2:34:46
14. Gray Alia USA 2:35:24
15. Wetsch Bria USA 2:35:52
16. Phillips Amanda USA 2:36:30
17. Bazeley Kate CAN 2:36:46
18. Van Ord Tristin USA 2:37:25
19. Lampe Kayla USA 2:38:25
20. Dimoff Carrie USA 2:38:28


All results and pictures of the Chicago Marathon

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