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Thousands of runners were active this weekend at the Amsterdam Marathon.

After the event could only take place virtually last year, on October 17, 2021, it was once again possible to run live on site and without any senseless restrictions, as is the case in Germany, for example.

3 major running events at the Amsterdam Marathon

The Amsterdam Marathon has become one of the largest marathons in Europe in recent years. Thus, 13,494 runners successfully finished the marathon in 2019. Even the half-marathon race, which takes place on the same day, has even more participants, with almost 15,000 completing the 21.1-kilometer course two years ago. There are also another 5,000 over the 8-kilometer distance. This year there were a total of 30,000 registrations

Fast marathon times

The focus was of course on the marathon, which was first held over 40 years ago in 1975. Fast times were run in Amsterdam from the beginning, even world records, such as Gerard Nijboer in 1980 with 2:09:01 hours. Since 2018, Kenyan Lawrence Cherono holds the course record with 2:04:06 hours. In the women's category, Meseret Hailu (Ethiopia) held the best time for a long time with 2:21:09 hours, before her compatriot Degitu Azimeraw succeeded in 2019 with 2:19:26 hours, the first time under 2:20 hours at the Amsterdam Marathon.

The course at the Amsterdam Marathon

The starting point of the Amsterdam Marathon is the Olympic Stadium. Because there the race is not only started, but also finished under the applause of many spectators. In between, the flat but somewhat windy course leads through the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Among the sights of the course were the Amstel, the canals, the Scheepvaartmuseum, the Rijksmuseum and the Vondelpark.

The winners

Defending champions were Kenya's Vincent Kipchumba (2:05:09 hours) and the aforementioned course record holder Degitu Azimeraw of Ethiopia. One of the top favorites to win this year was Laban Korir. The Kenyan only decided at short notice to start in Amsterdam instead of Chicago. From the registration time, Tamirat Tola in particular had the potential to set a course record. The 2016 Olympic bronze medalist has a best time of 2:04:06 on his CV. Also with best times under 2:05 hours were his teammates Ayele Abshero, Chalo Deso and Leul Gebresilase.

In the women's race, Angela Tanui signed up just a few days before the marathon. The connoisseur wanted to compete in the Boston Marathon, but could not enter there because she did not receive a visa.

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2 unexpected course records

Tamirat Tola and Angela Tanui will never forget this day. Both had planned to run in another marathon this fall and now the duo shattered the course records in Amsterdam.

In the men's race, Ethiopian Tamirat Tola had actually planned to start at the Tokyo Marathon. But Japan's biggest marathon was cancelled just a few weeks before the planned start. Now Tamirat Tola decided to start at the Amsterdam Marathon. And this decision paid off. With a time of 2:03:39 hours, he was the first marathon runner to run a time under 2:04 hours in the Netherlands. He improved the course record, which was only three years old, by 28 seconds. It was the second fastest marathon time this year.

Into the top 10 of the all time marathon best list

Even more notable was the record-breaking run of Angela Tanui, who now competed in Amsterdam after being denied a visa for the Boston Marathon. With an incredible time of 2:17:57 hours, the winner of the Verona Half Marathon fell almost a minute and a half short of the record mark. In addition, Tanui moved up to 10th place in the perpetual marathon best list. Angela Tanui improved her personal best, which she set only in the spring with 2:20:08 hours at the Siena Marathon, by more than two minutes. Like Tola, Tanui is also the second fastest marathon runner this year.

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Results Amsterdam Marathon 2021 - Men

1 Tamirat Tola 02:03:39
2 Bernard Koech 02:04:09
3 Leul Gebresilase 02:04:12
4 Jonathan Korir 02:04:32
5 Hiskel Tewelde 02:04:35
6 Moses Kibet 02:05:20
7 Afewerki Berhane 02:05:22
8 Kenneth Keter 02:06:05
9 Bernard Kipyego 02:06:32
10 Merhawi Kesete 02:06:36
11 Tesfahun Akalnew 02:06:55
12 Asrar Abderehman 02:07:33
13 Aychew Bantie 02:07:33
14 Workineh Tadesse 02:07:42
15 Amdework Walelegn 02:07:48

Results Amsterdam Marathon 2021 - Women

1 Angela Tanui 02:17:57
2 Maureen Chepkemoi 02:20:18
3 Haven Hailu 02:20:19
4 Gebiyanesh Ayele 02:21:22
5 Worknesh Alemu 02:26:54
6 Ruth van der Meijden 02:29:55
7 Bo Ummels 02:31:51
8 Astrid Verhoeven 02:34:30
9 Shasho Insermu 02:35:09
10 Elisabetta Iavarone 02:39:24
11 Kim Geypen 02:40:25
12 Julien Melody 02:40:25
13 Karen van Proeyen 02:41:11
14 Eva van Zoonen 02:41:25
15 Samantha Luitwieler 02:42:30


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