On this page you will find the triathlon results of the current triathlon events.

Both the links to the results of the big international triathlons are listed here, but also the results of all regional triathlon events in USA, UK and Europe.

LIVE: Triathlon results

On the first page are listed all triathlon results in the last 30 days from major events. These are races with at least 1,000 participants and other internationally important races. So also from all major worldwide triathlon events the links to the current results are listed.

Note: Also the results of similar multisport events (Duathlons, Swim & Run) are collected here.

The triathlon results for the most important triathlons in the world

Current triathlon results for the last 30 days:

Where can I find older triathlon results?

All results are available in our triathlon calendar. To do this, enter the name of the desired event in the search bar at the top of the triathlon calendar page. On the page, all results since 2017 are linked in the best case. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the links to the results are permanently correct, as this responsibility lies in the realm of the organizer. Of course, if the organizer removes the result, it can no longer be accessed through our site. Likewise, a change of the external link will lead to errors in the linking.

Clicking on "Weiter" will take you to the latest triathlon results in the USA:

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