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Spain's third largest city, Valencia, has been the scene of numerous world running records in recent years.

Over the marathon distance, the Valencia Marathon is one of the fastest courses in the world. Just last year, Kenyans Evans Chebet ran 2:03:00 hours and Peres Jepchirchir 2:17:16 hours in the top 10 fastest marathon performances of all time.

Numerous world-class runners in the men's race

For this year, the field of participants was again geared towards a high-class race. Lawrence Cherono, for example, was on the starting line. The runner from Kenya won the marathons in Chicago and Boston in 2019. This summer, he narrowly missed out on a medal at the Sapporo Olympics, finishing 4th. Now Cherono wanted to redeem himself with a few months delay for the not quite successful Olympic appearance. However, he was not the clear top favorite. The Ethiopian duo Herpasa Negasa and Kinde Atanaw also arrived with best times under 2:04 hours. In addition to the victory, the course record from the previous year was of course also the goal.

Half marathon world record holder chases first big marathon time

Another top star was also aiming for the course record: Geoffrey Kamworor. The former half marathon world record holder (58:01 minutes) ran 2:06:12 hours at the Berlin Marathon nine years ago. Although he has since won the New York Marathon twice, he has not been able to improve over the marathon distance. In Valencia, however, the conditions on the flat course were excellently suited for this. Ethiopian Andamalak Belihu made his marathon debut, running a half marathon best of under 59 minutes. Among others, marathon record holder Amanal Petros (2:07:18 hours) competed for Germany.

The best women

In the women's race, there was little chance of a similarly outstanding time as last year. This was because not a single top runner competing had a best under 2:20 hours. The Ethiopian Guteni Shone, however, could be expected to run under 2:20 hours. After all, she ran an outstanding marathon last year with 2:20:11 hours as second at the Dubai Marathon. Also compatriot Azemra Gebru traveled with a best time under 2:21 hours.

Tight race in the men's race

In the men's race, the hoped-for time of under 2:03 hours was clearly missed. For last year's runner-up Lawrence Cherono, 2:05:12 hours was enough for victory in an exciting race. The top 9 were all placed within 60 seconds. Behind the Kenyan, the Ethiopian Chalu Deso (2:05:16 h) and the Kenyan Philemon Kacheran (2:05:19 h) followed on the other podium places. Geoffrey Kamworor, on the other hand, had a disappointing performance. The former half marathon world record holder was able to improve his nine-year-old best time with 2:05:23 h, but he missed the podium in fourth place by four seconds.

In 11th place, Germany's Amanal Petros set a national record with 2:06:27 hours. He is the first runner from Germany with a marathon time under 2:07 hours.

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Strong time in the women's race

In the women's race the hoped-for time under 2:20 hours was achieved. However, none of the top favorites was responsible for this, but the 35-year-old Kenyan Nancy Jelagat, who had an official best time of 2:36:22 hours before the race. In Valencia, she was now able to improve by almost 17 minutes. With 2:19:31 hours she ran one of the fastest times ever achieved on Valencia's soil. However, this outstanding performance did not come as a complete surprise. Because this summer she ran an outstanding half marathon in Berlin with 1:05:21 hours.

Second place went to the Ethiopian Etagegne Woldu ahead of Beyenu Degefa.

Results Valencia Marathon 2021 ➤ Women

1 Jelagat Nancy 02:19:31
2 Woldu Etagegne 02:20:16
3 Degefa Beyenu 02:23:04
4 Tusa Rahma 02:23:20
5 Mccormack Fionnuala 02:23:58
6 Gebru Azmera 02:24:01
7 Andesa Adanech 02:24:13
8 Tuitoek Dorcas 02:24:54
9 Dinke Meseret 02:25:12
10 Epis Giovanna 02:25:20
11 Chepkirui Bornes 02:25:37
12 Bjeljac Bojana 02:26:08
13 Brinkman Nienke 02:26:34
14 Gesabwa Risper 02:26:55
15 Jankowska Katarzyna 02:27:07
16 Bonilla Tello Andrea Paola 02:27:38
17 Matanga Failuna 02:27:58
18 Pelayo Irene 02:29:16
19 Bernardelli Iwona 02:29:34
20 Richardsson Camilla 02:30:45
21 Kancyte Loreta 02:30:48
22 Huaman Aydee Loayza 02:31:43
23 Mykhailova Daria 02:34:27
24 Krsinar Neja 02:35:44
25 Sanchez Ursula 02:36:52
26 Velez Maria I 02:37:04
27 Hottenrott Laura 02:38:34
28 Giurcanu Mihartescu Cristina 02:38:42
29 Ledhem Fadouwa 02:38:57
30 Quemener Anaïs 02:41:15

Results Valencia Marathon 2021 ➤ Men

1 Cherono Lawrence 02:05:12
2 Deso Chalu 02:05:16
3 Kacheran Philemon 02:05:19
4 Kamworor Geoffrey 02:05:23
5 Negewo Abebe 02:05:27
6 Kifle Goitom 02:05:28
7 Atanaw Kinde 02:05:54
8 Geay Gabriel 02:06:10
9 Do Nascimento Daniel 02:06:11
10 Negasa Herpasa 02:06:20
11 Petros Amanal 02:06:27
12 Ben Daoud Hamid 02:06:35
13 Abate Tadu 02:06:45
14 Tsegay Samuel 02:07:08
15 Ngeno Bernard 02:07:18
16 Adugna Olika 02:07:36
17 Kipkemboi Bethwell 02:08:33
18 Naert Koen 02:08:41
19 Merzougui Abdelaziz 02:08:52
20 Rojo Yago 02:08:56
21 Ayale Gashau 02:09:30
22 Arbe Joaquin Emanuel 02:09:36
23 Belihu Andamlak 02:09:43
24 Kemboi Polat 02:09:45
25 Zalewski Krystian 02:10:14
26 Gröschel Tom 02:11:03
27 Roudolff Emmanuel 02:11:05
28 Jastrzebski Kamil 02:11:08
29 De Bock Thomas 02:11:27
30 Blanco Jorge 02:11:34

 All results and pictures from the Valencia Marathon

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