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Last year, the Valencia Half Marathon was the scene of the fastest half marathon race ever.

At that time, the half marathon was held as an elite race in early December as part of the Marahton race. Kenyan Kibiwott Kandie ran a new half marathon world record with a pace of 2:44 minutes per kilometer.

Now, on October 24, 2021, the Valencia Half Marathon (Medio Maraton Valencia) could once again take place as an open race with thousands of amateur runners. However, world-class runners were also the focus in 2021.

Review of the historic half marathon last year

It was a historic day when last year, on December 6, at the elite edition of the Valencia Half Marathon, no less than four athletes stayed under 58 minutes. Never before had even one runner managed a half marathon time under 58 minutes. In one fell swoop, there were suddenly four of them. Three runners from Kenya and one from Uganda covered the 21.1 kilometers in times between 57:32 minutes and 57:59 minutes.

The big hero was Kibiwott Kandie, who set a new half marathon world record of 57:32 minutes. Jacob Kiplimo of Uganda followed just five seconds behind, ahead of Rhonex Kipruto (57:48 minutes) and Alexander Mutiso (57:58 minutes). The winner's impressive pace: 2:44 minutes per kilometer. And he did it more than 21 times in a row.

The elite field

Also this year the field at the top had the potential to attack the world records of 57:32 minutes and 63:43 minutes. For example, Kenyan Rhonex Kipruto, third last year with 57:48 minutes, was back at the start. Two-time 5,000-meter world champion Muktar Edris (Ethiopia) was also entered. In total, six runners entered with a best time under 59 minutes.

Ethiopians in the hunt for world records

In the women's race, last year's winner Genzebe Dibaba (Ethiopia) with a personal best of 65:18 minutes would have been one of the stars, but she cancelled at short notice. Top favorite was therefore her compatriot Yalemzerf Yehualaw, who set a new "unofficial" half marathon world record" with 1:03:43 hours in Larne at the end of August (this was subsequently annulled because the course was not correctly measured). Another Ethiopian, Letesenbet Gidey, was a hot outsider. After all, she holds the current world records for 5,000 and 10,000 meters and now wanted to tackle another world record on her half marathon debut.

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World recor: First half marathon under 63 minutes

Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey smashed the world record* at the Valencia Half Marathon Trinidad Alfonso EDP, clocking 1:02:52 on her debut at the distance at the World Athletics Elite Label road race on Sunday (24). Competing in the same Spanish city where she broke the world 5000m record last year, Gidey took more than a minute off the previous mark of 1:04:02 set by world marathon champion Ruth Chepngetich earlier this year.

Paced by Mebrahtu Kiros, Olympic 10,000m bronze medallist Gidey went through 5km in a swift 15:00 with her compatriot Yalemzerf Yehualaw running five metres down. Yehualaw, whose recent 1:03:44 clocking in Larne could not be ratified as a world record due to the course being too short, drifted further back over the next few kilometres as Gidey reached 10km in 29:45 – the third-fastest clocking in history for the distance and just seven seconds shy of the world record set just a few weeks ago by Kalkidan Gezahegne.

105000 Euro

Gidey maintained her incredible pace and covered the next 5km segment in 14:44, bringing her to 15km in 44:29 and putting her more than a minute inside world record schedule. Although her pace dropped very slightly in the last quarter of the race, she had done more than enough to ensure victory in a world record time.

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She crossed the line in 1:02:52, adding a third world record to her name to go alongside the marks she owns for 5000m (14:06.62) and 10,000m (29:01.03). In total, she received prize money of 105,000 euros for her performance (35,000 euros victory + 70,000 euros world record).

Exciting race for the men

In the men’s race, a resurgent Abel Kipchumba overtook fellow Kenyan Rhonex Kipruto in the closing stages to win in 58:07, moving him to sixth on the world all-time list and improving on his own world-leading mark from Herzogenaurach last month.
Kipruto was second in 58:09 and Daniel Mateiko third in 58:26. In a race of unprecedented depth, the top seven men finished inside 59 minutes.

German record by Amanal Petros

Amanal Petros also had great reason to celebrate. He improved the 28-year-old German half marathon record by 25 seconds to 60:09 minutes. Petros now holds the national marathon record (2:07:18 hours) and the national half marathon record. The previous half marathon record was held by Carsten Eich with 60:34 minutes.

Results Valencia Half Marathon 2021 - Men

1 Kipchumba Abel 00:58:07
2 Kipruto Rhonex 00:58:09
3 Mateiko Daniel 00:58:26
4 Kimutai Kennedy 00:58:28
5 Kiplimo Philemon 00:58:34
6 Edris Muktar 00:58:40
7 Kimeli Mathew 00:58:43
8 Kiptum Kelvin 00:59:02
9 Kwemoi Rodgers 00:59:16
10 Kipkoech Felix 00:59:28
11 Koros Collins 01:00:06
12 Petros Amanal 01:00:09
13 Hassan Ibrahim 01:00:10
14 Moen Sondre 01:00:15
15 Geay Gabriel 01:00:16
16 Maru Emmanuel 01:00:16
17 Mayo Carlos 01:00:58
18 Lara Frank 01:01:00
19 Ben Daoud Hamid 01:01:05
20 Bour Félix 01:01:32
21 Novales Tariku 01:01:46
22 Rojo Yago 01:01:57
23 Paquet Amaury 01:02:19
24 Maestri Cesare 01:02:25
25 Blanco Jorge 01:02:25
26 Barrios Juan Luis 01:02:33
27 Blanes Andreu 01:02:40
28 Guerra Javier 01:02:52
29 Clarke Adam 01:02:59
30 De Bock Thomas 01:03:25
31 Jimenez Vicente Alejandro 01:03:27
32 Boulvin Dorian 01:03:37
33 Wägeli Patrik 01:03:39
34 De Leon Francisco Javier 01:03:49
35 Molalign Genetu 01:03:51
36 Olmos Jesus Angel 01:04:20
37 Lastennet Jeff 01:04:21
38 Shreeve Norman 01:04:36
39 Gimenez Jose Ignacio 01:04:49
40 Agostini Francesco 01:04:50
41 Hernandez Illán Ivan 01:05:01
42 Fernandes João 01:05:04
43 Serrano Garcia De Dionisio Francisco 01:05:18
44 De Backer Manuel 01:05:20
45 Agustin Escriche Luis 01:05:30
46 Gonzalez Quilez Alberto 01:05:31
47 Cabrera Galindo Francisco 01:05:34
48 Nardone Francesco 01:05:47
49 Cassar Dillon 01:06:11
50 Cuadrillero Barranco Juan Antonio 01:06:17

Results Valencia Half-Marathon 2021 - Women

1 Gidey Letesenbet 01:02:52
2 Yehualaw Yalemzerf 01:03:51
3 Chepkirui Sheila 01:04:53
4 Jepleting Brenda 01:05:44
5 Mulate Bosena 01:06:00
6 Haftu Nigsti 01:06:17
7 Feysa Hawi 01:07:25
8 Lahti Sarah 01:08:19
9 Mccormack Fionnuala 01:09:32
10 Richardsson Camilla 01:10:51
11 Egger Nicole 01:11:48
12 Tejeda Gladys 01:12:10
13 Lugueros Nuria 01:12:28
14 Mitchell Emma 01:12:36
15 Sánchez Úrsula 01:12:48
16 De Cock Florence 01:12:55
17 Ledhem Fadouwa 01:13:28
18 Dos Santos Valdilene 01:13:41
19 Velez Maria I 01:13:56
20 Wilkens Lysanne 01:14:14
21 Luengo Caselles Laura 01:14:15
22 Giurcanu Mihartescu Cristina 01:15:10
23 Méndez Laura 01:15:41
24 Silvestre Soriano Elena 01:16:03
25 Cano Lopez-Fraile Maria Jose 01:16:36
26 Ruiz Maria Angeles 01:17:16
27 Rubio Sanchez Pilar 01:18:03
28 Vassallo Barbara 01:18:36
29 Melilli Elisa 01:18:36
30 Cortis Joelle 01:19:10
31 Castellano Barba Laura 01:20:01
32 Gonzalez Rodriguez Carlota 01:20:50
33 Hillman Rachel 01:21:07
34 Sarrión Esteve Silvia M 01:21:08
35 Vassallo Francesca 01:21:09
36 Polanco Canton Cristina 01:21:19
37 Carbo Segrelles Marta 01:21:42
38 Garcia Perez Joana 01:22:01
39 Kloster Marie 01:23:04
40 Amaro Reyes Carmen 01:23:13
41 Scabini Roberta 01:23:15
42 Simao Vale Sheila 01:23:19
43 Gomez Gonzalez Ana 01:23:36
44 Alberola Català María Lucía 01:24:24
45 Pueyo Puyuelo Elena 01:24:38
46 Fuentes Albero Elia 01:24:48
47 Renzzo De Godoi Graziella 01:25:44
48 Díaz Quintero Carmen 01:25:54
49 Pérez Gómez Sara 01:26:02
50 Mañes Jiménez Yolanda 01:26:05

All results and pictures of the Valencia Half-Marathon

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