HDsports is with around one million page impressions and 300,000 users per month one of the biggest sports-portals in europe with content about running and triathlon.

Our running and triathlon calendar contains almost 10,000 worldwide events per year. So that we can convince as many people as possible of your event, we offer you a partnership with HDsports.

What exclusive advantages do partner events have over events that do not enter into cooperation with HDsports?

Opinion 1) Become a partner

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HDsports Partner: Download Folder

Since 2017 our members have increased their finisher numbers by an average of 17%. In total, around 80% of our partners improved their participation figures compared to the previous year.

How do you become a partner? Simply fill out the form below. We will take care of the rest of the promotion.

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Become a partner


Opinion 2) Banner - Leaderboard on top

The most efficient form of advertising for organizer!

The Leaderboard banner is placed on top (below the main menu) and is immediately visible on desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Screenshot Partner Banner


  • Instant visibility
  • Ideal target group for sporting events
  • NO risk: Billing after clicks on the organizer's website. Impressions are played for free until the limit of interactions (clicks) is reached.
  • The advertising material can be created by us for FREE or can be specified by the customer (size: 728 x 90 pixels)
  • NO blocking by ad blockers, because the banners are played out directly via our system (without AdServer)
  • Clear instead of complex evaluation at the end of the campaign: impressions, clicks by location, clicks by time period
  • All campaigns are reduced by almost 50% compared to our regular prices. The reduced prices are already listed in the following form.

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Banner - Leaderboard on top


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