Admittedly, sports other than running and athletics dominate in Serbia.

Ball sports such as water polo, soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis inspire the masses in Serbia. A national hero is, for example, Novak Dokovic, who is one of the most successful tennis players of all time. In volleyball, the Serbian national team has even won the Olympics. The same applies to its water polo players.

The biggest running events in Serbia

By far the largest city in Serbia is Beograd (Belgrade). The most famous running events are held here and in Novi Sad, the country's second largest city.

The Beogradski Marathon, i.e. the Belgrade Marathon, is of particular international importance. About 1,000 runners participate in this marathon, which is held in the spring. There are even 5,000 in the half marathon that takes place at the same time. The fastest marathon times in Belgrade are around 2:10 hours for men and 2:30 hours for women. Another marathon, the Serbia Marathon, will be held in the Serbian capital Belgrade in the fall.

There are also marathons in Novi Sad at the Novosadski Maraton in October and the Nocni Marathon (Night Marathon) in June.

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Running competitions 2022 in Serbia

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