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Around 35 million people live in the North African state on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean!

There are interesting sporting events in Morocco on the coast, in the big cities, but actually also in the middle of the desert.

The biggest running events in Morocco

The most famous marathon event in Morocco is held in the former capital Marrakech. The Marrakech Marathon or officially "Marathon International de Marrakech" always takes place in January. It is run on a very flat course. The Marrakech Marathon is therefore one of the fastest marathons in Africa. The fastest runners usually run times well under 2:10 hours, or under 2:30 hours for the women. The marathon is contested by around 3,000 male and female runners. A half marathon is also held at the same time.

Another very well-known marathon in Morocco is the Casablanca Marathon in the fall.

A stage race through the Moroccan desert

Internationally, the most famous running event in Morocco is the Marathon des Sables. This is a stage race that leads through the Moroccan desert over several days. In total, there are around 240 kilometers of running to be done, sometimes in extremely hot temperatures, through the sandy desert. The longest stage has a distance of more than 80 kilometers. Every year, 1,500 daredevils tackle the race, making the Marathon des Sables one of the largest stage races in the world.

All Running Races in Morocco (sorted by date) can be found in the following overview:

Running competitions 2023 in Morocco

Marrakesch Marathon

Date of the race | 08:00 Uhr
Location of the race Marrakesch
Distance of the race 42,2 km / 21,1 km

Marathon International de Rabat

Date of the race | (ACHTUNG: Termin nicht fixiert)
Location of the race Rabat
Distance of the race 42,2 km / 21,1 km / 10 km

Ultra Trail Atlas Toubkal (UTAT)

Date of the race | (ACHTUNG: Termin nicht fixiert)
Location of the race Oukaïmeden
Distance of the race 105 km (8.000 Hm) / 42 km (2.600 Hm) / 26 km (1.400 Hm) / 12 km (500 Hm)

IRONMAN® 70.3® Tangier

Date of the race | 07:30 Uhr
Location of the race Tangier
Distance of the race Mitteldistanz (Middle Distance)

Sahara Trail Zagora

Date of the race | (ACHTUNG: Termin nicht fixiert) 09:00 Uhr
Location of the race Zagora
Distance of the race 52 km / 26 km / 14 km

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