An overview of all half marathons in July and August.

However, the city marathons and city half marathons are mostly replaced by many smaller regional running events as well as countryside and trail runs during this time of year.

2 Half Marathon Recommendations in the USA

There are some major events in the US. Very famous is the San Francisco Marathon, where there is also a half marathon race. Due to the temperatures, the race is started very early.

In Anchorage, the Alaska Marathon is held in August at the Anchorage RunFest. There is also a half marathon here.

Half marathon with a view of the Matterhorn

In Switzerland, the summer opens with the Zermatt Marathon. The focus is on the marathon and the ultra run. But for the less trained there is also a half marathon as an alternative. The panorama with a view of the Matterhorn is impressive.

All big and well-known half marathon competitions in July and August can be found in the following overview:

Half marathons in July and August: Selection of major events

Gornergrat Zermatt Marathon

Icon Date | 08:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Sankt Niklaus
Icon Competitions 45,595 km (2.458 Hm) / 42,195 km (1.944 Hm) / 21,2 km (1.850 Hm) / 21,1 km (1.336 Hm)

SportScheck RUN München

Icon Date | 08:00 Uhr
Icon Venue München
Icon Competitions 21,1 km / 10 km / 5 km / 2 km Kids

Kärnten Läuft: Wörthersee Halbmarathon

Icon Date | 09:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Velden am Wörthersee
Icon Competitions 21,1 km / 10,55 km

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