The small island state in the Indian Ocean is a very popular vacation destination for many tourists.

In Maruitus live a little more than one million people. Due to the many flat but beautiful mountains and hills, hiking is especially popular in the country of Mauritius.

On the coasts, activities such as diving, sailing, kite surfing and surfing invite you to further adventures. You should definitely combine a vacation in Mauritius with participation in a sports event.

The biggest running events in Mauritius

In summer you have several opportunities to participate in running competitions on the island. On the one hand there is the classic Mauritius Marathon, but also the Dodo Trail. Especially the Dodo Trail is known far beyond the country's borders and is the goal of many runners from various countries around the world. The trail event starts directly from the capital Port Louis and leads partly over gentle mountains along the coast. You will not find a comparable panorama as at the Dodo Trail at any other running event in the world. The main event has a course length of 50 kilometers, but there are also shorter events from four kilometers to 25 kilometers at this trail run.

Also in July, the Mauritius Marathon is held, where you can run the classic marathon distance. In autumn, the Trail Rodrigues invites you to participate in sporting activities. The event is comparable to the Dodo Trail. Here, too, you run not far from the coast on trails through the country.

All Running Races in Mauritius (sorted by date) can be found in the following overview:

Running competitions 2024 in Mauritius

Mauritius by UTMB

Date of the race | 06:30 Uhr
Location of the race Bel Ombre
Distance of the race 135 km (6.100 Hm) / 97 km / 55 km / 22 km

Le Morne Dash

Date of the race | 14:00 Uhr
Location of the race Le Morne
Distance of the race 3,3 km (500 Hm)

Dodo Trail

Date of the race | 05:00 Uhr
Location of the race Port Louis
Distance of the race 50 km / 25 km / 10 km / 5 km

Trail Rodrigues

Date of the race | 05:00 Uhr
Location of the race Rodrigues
Distance of the race 75 km / 52 km / 28 km / 16 km / 7 km

Indian Ocean Triathlon

Date of the race | 07:30 Uhr
Location of the race Le Morne
Distance of the race Olympische Distanz (Olympic Distance)

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