Less than half a million people live in the island state of Malta. The majority of the population is located in the metropolitan area of the capital Valetta.

The Malta Marathon, Malta's best-known running event, is held there.

The biggest running events in Malta

The Malta Marathon is the biggest sports event in Malta anyway. The event is held annually at the end of February or beginning of March. The marathon is contested by more than 500 runners. In addition, there is also a half marathon over 21.1 kilometers.

In spring there are two more interesting running events, the Gozo Half Marathon and the Gozo Ultra Trail. In the Ultra Trail, there are almost 2,000 additional meters of altitude to overcome on the 50-kilometer course.

All Running Races in Malta (sorted by date) can be found in the following overview:

Running competitions 2022 in Malta

Gozo Ultra Trail - Xterra Malta

Icon Date | 08:00 Uhr
Icon Venue Għajnsielem
Icon Competitions 50 km (1.500 Hm) / 21 km (800 Hm)

Gozo Half Marathon

Icon Date | 08:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Xaghra
Icon Competitions 21,1 km / 10 km / 5 km / 2 km

Spartan Race Malta

Icon Date | 14:30 Uhr
Icon Venue Attard
Icon Competitions 21 km / 10 km / 5 km / 12 Stunden

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