Mountain running Japan: An overview of Sky Runs & Mountain Runs in Japan.

The dates for all Mountain Races in Japan, including registration, course, schedule, results and more details.

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Mountain Runs 2024 in Japan: Top-Events

Ueda Vertical Race

Date of the race | 08:00 Uhr
Location of the race Shiojiri
Distance of the race 25 km (3.000 Hm) / 18 km (2.000 Hm) / 3,7 km (700 Hm)

Fuji Mountain Race

Date of the race | 07:00 Uhr
Location of the race Fujiyoshida
Distance of the race 21 km (3.000 Hm) / 15 km (1.480 Hm)

Biwako Valley Skyrun

Date of the race |
Location of the race Otsu
Distance of the race 22 km (2.200 Hm)

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