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Great marathons and half-marathons take place on our continent almost all year round. Whether you want to participate in a great marathon or half marathon in winter, spring, summer or autumn, you will always find the right race for you in Europe.

The biggest marathon events are the Berlin Marathon in Germany, the Paris Marathon in France and the London Marathon in Great Britain. However, this is far from the zenith. Because besides these big three marathons, you can get to know the city as a marathon runner in almost every major city in Europe.
The biggest marathons in Europe

These are the most famous marathons in Europe:


  • Seville Marathon in Spain
  • Barcelona Marathon in Spain
  • Jersualem Marathon in Israel
  • Limassol Marathon in Cyprus
  • Marseille Marathon in France


  • Milan Marathon in Italy
  • Bratislava Marathon in Slovakia
  • Rotterdam Marathon in the Netherlands
  • Hannover Marathon in Germany
  • Vienna City Marathon in Vienna
  • Rome Marathon in Italy
  • Paris Marathon in France
  • Madrid Marathon in Spain
  • Krakow Marathon in Poland
  • London Marathon in England
  • Zurich Marathon in Switzerland
  • Marathon Düsseldorf in Germany
  • Hamburg Marathon in Germany

  • Prague Marathon in Czech Republic
  • Geneva Marathon in Switzerland
  • Rennsteiglauf in Germany
  • Copenhagen Marathon in Denmark
  • Riga Marathon in Latvia

  • Stockholm Marathon in Sweden
  • Night Marathon Luxembourg in Luxembourg


The London Marathon is one of the biggest marathons in the world. Photo: Virgin Money London Marathon


  • Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland
  • Budapest Marathon in Hungary
  • Berlin Marathon in Germany


  • Palma de Mallorca Marathon in Spain
  • Eindhoven Marathon in the Netherlands
  • Munich Marathon in Germany
  • Cologne Marathon in Germany
  • Amsterdam Marathon in Netherlands
  • Venice Marathon in Italy
  • SwissCityMarathon Lucerne in Switzerland
  • Frankfurt Marathon in Germany

  • Athens Marathon in Greece
    Florence Marathon in Italy

  • Valencia Marathon in Spain

Marathon Races in Europe

The Jungfrau Marathon takes you from the valley to the high alpine terrain. A great alternative to the many city marathons. Photo:

Towards the end of the year and at the beginning of the year, marathons dominate in Spain. One of the world's last major marathons of the year is the Valencia Marathon. In February and March, respectively, there are two more big marathons in Spain in Barcelona and Seville. Each of these running events has more than 10,000 starters. Spain is definitely a stronghold of marathons.

The marathon month par excellence is April. In this month you have a lot of great races to choose from every weekend, like in Rotterdam, Vienna, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Zurich or Hamburg. Also popular marathons in the first half of the year are the Prague Marathon, Copenhagen Marathon and Stockholm Marathon.

In summer, due to the high temperatures, the offer is usually much less. But it doesn't always have to be a city run. A great alternative would be the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland, which is even the largest mountain marathon in the world.

The fall season usually opens with the Berlin Marathon at the end of September. This is followed by other spectacular marathons in Eindhoven, Munich, Amsterdam, Venice, Frankfurt or Athens, among others.

All big and famous marathons in Europe (sorted by date) can be found in the following overview:

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The biggest half marathons in Europe

These are the most famous half marathons in Europe:


  • Mitja Marato de Barcelona in Spain
  • Half Marathon Verona in Italy
  • Napoli City Half Marathon in Italy

  • The Big Half London Half Marathon in England
  • Semi Marathon de Paris in Italy
  • Roma-Ostia in Italy
  • Meia Maratona de Lisboa in Portugal
  • Stramilano in Italy
  • Venloop in the Netherlands


  • Prague Half Marathon in Czech Republic
  • Medio Maraton Madrid in Spain
  • Berlin Half Marathon in Germany
  • Vienna City Half Marathon in Austria
  • Haspa Half Marathon Hamburg

  • 21 km GöteborgsVarvet in Sweden
  • GutsMuths-Rennsteiglauf in Germany
  • Great Manchester Run in England

  • Aletsch Half Marathon in Switzerland
  • hamburg half marathon in Germany

At the marathon in Copenhagen you can not only enjoy the capital of Denmark, but also set a best time. After all, world records have already been run here. Photo: Piere Mangez

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  • Carinthia Runs: Wörthersee Half Marathon in Austria

  • Switzerland Marathon Light in Switzerland
  • Copenhagen Half Marathon in Denmark
  • Greifenseelauf in Switzerland
  • Wachau Half Marathon in Austria


  • Munich Half Marathon in Germany
  • Cologne Half Marathon in Germany
  • Valencia Half Marathon in Spain

Half Marathon Races in Europe

If you want to run the half marathon distance for the first time, you will find several spectacular running events in Europe.

At several half marathons, such as Copenhagen, Valencia or Prague, half marathon world records were set not long ago. Kenyan Joyciline Jepkosgei, for example, ran to a half marathon world record of 1:04:52 hours in Prague in the spring of 2017, before she herself increased the world record by another second just a few months later in Copenhagen. In the fall of 2019, Kenyan Geoffrey Kamworor nearly achieved the first half marathon time under 58 minutes with 58:01 minutes in Copenhagen. At all these half marathons you can chase your personal best time surrounded by thousands of runners. In the meantime, both world record performances have been significantly improved - also during runs in Europe.

The GöteborgsVarvet has been named the world's largest half marathon several times. Photo: Robert Boman.

Where else is worth a half marathon trip? German running fans love the atmospheric Venloop Half Marathon in the Netherlands, which is held just a short distance from the German border. A traditional half marathon in Italy is Roma-Ostia. One of the biggest half marathons in the world, on the other hand, is the 21km GöteborgsVarvet in Sweden. 40,000 run here every year since 1980 in the Swedish city over the 21.1 kilometers on the flat course for best times.

In Austria, you can use the summer at Lake Wörthersee not only for a beach vacation, but also to discover your athletic performance limits at the Wörthersee half marathon. Even running legend Eliud Kipchoge already ran to victory here. Another beautiful half marathon around the lake is the Greifenseelauf in Switzerland. Fast and beautiful: these are two striking arguments for the runs at Lake Wörthersee and Lake Greifensee.

All big and well-known half marathons in Europe (sorted by date) can be found in the following overview:

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